Ini Edo Reveals The Truth About Her Divorce

It seems we are in that season, where you have to either break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend or get divorced.

Surprisingly, in these last few weeks, celebrities around the world are getting divorced, and those who are just in a relationship are also breaking up. It seems as tho they all came to a mutual agreement to break up or end their relationships.

One of Nigeria’s finest and taleneted actresses, Ini Edo was rumoured some days ago to have been divorced with her husband. Well, it has now come to appear that it’s a fact. The actress who was accussed of cheating on her husband and that was what led to their divorce has finally come out to clear the air. She tweeted :

I asked for a divorce from my ex husband cos lots of irreconcilable differences on my husband.

See below, the other things she tweeted!



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