Inna Patty Again! Fresh Reports Shows She Never Donated Any Money To Korle-Bu Although She Made The Miss Ghana Girls Raise Funds Meant For The Hospital

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Inna Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, organisers of the beauty pageant Miss Ghana has come under public scrutiny after 3 former beauty pageants revealed in an exclusive interview with that, they were exploited, abused, funds were embezzled and also some of them were even pimped out to men in return for sponsorship deals.

These allegations made by these girls, Stephanie Karikari-Miss Ghana 2010, Miss Ghana 2015-Antoinette Delali Kemavor and Miss Ghana 2013-Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi and 1 first-runner up-Margaret Kuma-Mintah have shocked majority of the public and days after the allegations were published, Inna Patty run to the arms of her lawyers to release a statement addressing the issue, stating that the publications were baseless and categorically untrue .

Inna Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, organisers of Miss Ghana

The statement which was released by her lawyers at Akuffo Addo, Prempeh & Co also warned the media to desist from publishing the alleged stories as they claim they were ‘malicious and defamatory’  and threatened to use legal actions against any persons that still continued to publish stories on the subject.

We are Instructed by our clients to inform the general public, media houses-both print and electronic- and social media bloggers to desist from the publication of the malicious and defamatory materials in circulation. Any publisher of these or similar matter shall be held fully responsible for them as we hold firm instructions from our clients to institute legal actions against any such person to vindicate the names of our clients and to recover punitive damages for those publications”–A portion of  the press statement read

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Interestingly, it appears their statement did not scare anyone especially the source of the story, GC from making more findings on the alleged embezzlement of funds and other allegations and in it’s latest report, they have exposed Inna Patty once again.

The site has reported that Inna Patty had made the Miss Ghana girls from 2013 to raise funds to be donated to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. The 2013 First Runner-up, Margaret Kuma-Mintah told the site that, they were asked to raise funds to be donated to the Korle-Bu maternity ward.

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She mentioned that all of the 20 contestants at the time, were given the below letters to help raise the funds. She disclosed that she was able to raise Ghc6,000 of the Ghc10,000 she was asked to raise and that her other colleague was able to even raise all of the Ghc10,000. She continued to say that, although she cannot recollect how much exactly her other colleagues raised, they all at least raised something but Inna Patty told them that, the monies raised was not enough, so she was going to put the money in a Miss Ghana bank account so that they make the donation after the final.

The Letter that was given to the 20 contestants to raise funds

GC says their checks at the Korle-Bu hospital revealed that there was never a donation and Miss Ghana had never made any donation since 2013 and that the only donation they got from Miss Ghana before 2013 was Ghc250 which was made to the children’s department.

A portion of the report on GC reads:

Following her allegation, GhanaCelebrites.Com made checks at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, to find out if the organizers of the Miss Ghana Beauty pageant have donated any of such monies raised to the hospital since they used the hospital’s name to solicit for the funds—and therefore, the funds should have come to them.

Shockingly, our checks at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has revealed that, they’ve not received any donations from Miss Ghana organisers since 2013—and the only donation they’ve ever received from them was for 250 GHS, before 2013, made to the Children Health Department.

The question therefore is; where did all the monies Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana raise through the 20 contestants in 2013, using Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital’s Maternity ward as the ground for their appeal as shown in the above letter go?

There’s also no public record of Inna Patty or her Exclusive Events Ghana making any donations to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

It’s one thing to be alleged to be pimping out girls and exploiting them, but it’s unpardonable, even criminal, to embezzle charity funds.

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