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A lot has been said about our attitudes and characters as a people. We always want to be at the receiving end of the story where the rewards are mouth watering and where the story is always successful. Everybody wants to be a part of what is said to be good, better or best but just when things turn soar or begin to fall apart, or when there is a form of mistake in the process, you will see a long queue of fingers pointing to the easiest of prey as to who started it all.

I want to share a story with you to get you inspired.

Once upon a time, there were four good friends in a village called Azizakpo. These friends were by name Kofi, Lebene, Musa and Nii. Azizakpo was very far away from any land and it was all they ever had and knew till they heard of the nicest place of this world full of gold, diamonds and other precious gems and stones. This land flows with milk and honey and has the best of vegetation with the best of flowers and thousand beautiful birds of all kinds. The land has the best of everything one can dream of, it was paradise itself.

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This land was called ‘Boshe-Krom’ but it was also said that no man has ever been there or ever lived on this land for it was a new discovery on planet earth. With all the best things the land has to offer them and the excitement that thrilled and filled them, they will not back down but make history they mused and said to each other. These four best friends had a meeting and deliberated on the possibility of moving from Azizakpo to this promised land ‘Boshe-Krom’ and they all came to an agreement to do all it will take to get there so they can better their lives with the richness and resources not only for themselves but a lasting legacy for many more generations after them.

A ship passes by Azizakpo village once in ten years and they were very sure they could make the trip in the next full moon per their calendar and calculus calculations and they will have to be on the watch by the first day of the moon which was a market day away and they needed to get preparations done on time. On the day of travel however, their only task was to keep watch and keep an eye to the passing of the ship so they could embark on this journey of a life time change to their livelihoods.

Kofi was sure Lebene would do it. Musa could have done it but it ended up that neither friend did it, before they realised, they missed the only ship that could have taken them to their promised land and they missed the one opportunity to make history. Somebody got angry about that because it was everybody’s job. Everybody thought anybody could do it but nobody realised that Everybody would not do it.

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It ended up that Kofi blamed Musa, Musa blamed Lebene and Lebene blamed Nii. This was a simple job that could have been done by anybody among the four friends and now they would have to wait for perhaps another ten long years to again plan.


When something goes wrong in our families, our places of worship, in the communities, in our districts, in our municipalities ,in our regions, in our countries and even in our world of businesses, we are always quick to point fingers and apportion blames to people, we are always looking for someone or somebody to blame, snare and pour out our frustrations and angers on, but if anybody can just turn him/herself in for responsibility and leadership for responsiveness, anybody anywhere can take a clue and learn from somebody’s experience and everybody can emulate and carry the mantle of leadership and responsibility to carry us all to the next level and nobody will be responsible for our misfortunes. The devil will always expect that we push the rest to him so to boost his ego but I tell you this, even the devil is tired of our irresponsible acts as human for always pushing things down his throat to swallow.

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Let us not forget that nobody will come from anywhere to solve our problems. God will not do for man what man can do for himself. Let us be disciplined and tolerant enough towards a common agenda and work as a team to get things done on time so we can all push to the limit and get to our promised land to make things better than we came to meet it, let live and take decisions that will shape better futures tomorrow and the generations after us, let’s not live selfishly for ourselves but have the futures of our children and grand children at heart in any given decision we make today.

We cannot afford to fail our generation with same character and attitude possessed by our grand fathers and fathers, dare to be different and take up the mantle of leadership and excellence, be noble in your acts like Nelson Mandela, be courageous in character like Dr Kwame Nkrumah, be peaceful like Prof John Evans Atta Mills, be strong willed like Mohammed Ali and stand out like Martin Luther King jnr.

Stop the blame and be the change you wish to see, let this world get better because you lived in it, let generations speak of your actions as though you lived even today.

#Liveinspied, your top is sure, shake up, step up and keep up, it’s possible!




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