‘Instagram Is Meant For Pictures That’s Why I Always Showcase My Hot Body There’ – Moesha (+ Video)

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Every ardent follower of Moesha Babiinoti Boduong by now has come to realisation that she has nothing good to offer apart from showcasing her voluptuous body on social media specifically Instagram.

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As such, most people have challenged Moesha to be innovative apart from body exhibition citing her interview on the Delay show in 2015 as a case study, but it’s obvious there’s nothing new to bring on board.

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Well, Moesha responding to the rationale behind exposing her sensual body on Instagram said that she’s just making good use of the App. According to her, Instagram is a picture sharing platform, therefore, she has to do just that regardless.


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Additionally, Moesha speaking on how Ghanaians lambaste her due to what they see to be her nude or semi-nude pictures just to entice men. She explained that her pictures on Instagram are not meant to turn men on rather she posts her pictures because that is what social media is used for.

“I don’t showcase my body to anyone, I’m just being me taking pictures because that’s what instagram is for.” she stated in an interview with SVTV Africa.

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For clarity sake, The App (Instagram) allows users to upload photos and videos to the service, which can be edited with various filters, and organized with tags and location information.

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