Insulting Lilwin was a stunt to promote ‘Mr President’ film – Oboy Siki

Before the premiere of Mr. President, actor Nana Kofi Agyeman, better known by his stage as Oboy Siki, came under fire for making derogatory comments about Lilwin.

The controversial actor responded to claims that he is jealous of his younger colleague, Lilwin, and that this envy is behind his frequent provocation by saying that Lilwin is his son and that he would never envy him for whatever reason.

Oboy Siki, however, in an interview on “Hello Entertainment Review” hosted by Dave Hammer in the studios of Kumasi-based Hello Fm, Oboy Siki explained why he has been so critical of LilWin.

From what he’s heard, he was hired by someone in LilWin’s camp to assist with the marketing and distribution of the film.

He claimed that his antics were a deliberate publicity gimmick for the film and that their goal had been met.

The large crowd that showed up to the theatre on August 26, 2023, for the opening of the film was evidence, in his opinion.


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