Interesting Facts You Need To Know About (P1harmony) Keeho

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Keeho is one of the members of boy group P1harmony who became the first member and debuted on October 28th, 2020. He has been very pivotal in the musical group and is also the leader.

In this article, we’ll get into details about the P1harmony member Keeho including his professional and personal life.

Keeho P1harmony

Keeho P1harmony biography

Keeho of boy group P1harmony is known in real life as Yoon Kee Ho and his Chinese name is Yin Jihu as well as Stephen Yoon is his English name.

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Keeho was born on September 27th, 2001 in Toronto, Canada, as of 2022 he is 21 years old and her birth sign is Libra. She holds Korean-Canadian nationality.

With regards to Keeho’s family, there’s not much information about it but his father was a university counselor and she was also a musician. He has two siblings a younger brother and an older sister known as Anna Yoon.

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Keeho P1harmony career

Keeho was the first person to be revealed as a member of the P1harmony and since his childhood, he has been interested in singing as he claims there’s nothing in the world that is more fun than singing.

Before getting to be a member of the P1harmony, he auditioned with the song “All Of Me” by Michael Buble.

Keeho P1harmony personal life

Keeho is undoubtedly full of life and describes himself as patient, optimistic, funny, and kind. He has always said he wants to be remembered as a person with lots of love and someone who can feel the aura.

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