This Is What Being Intimate With Someone Means To Yvonne Nelson

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She might not have had the Romeo and Juliet kinda of Love story after the Kukere master Iyanya broke up with her for some weird reasons. Ever Since that breakup, she’s not been in any relationship and she also revealed some months ago, that she’s not had sex since January.

But, just recently, the sexy actress, Yvonne Nelson has shared her sentiment on what she thinks of intimacy in a relationship on her instagram account.

She wrote: Intimacy is not about allowing someone to touch you. Rather, It’s about being emotionally close to your partner, sharing your dreams and fears together.

Intimacy is also giving someone your attention when ten other people are asking for it

You would recall that, there are rumours that Yvonne Nelson has a relationship with John Dumelo but we cannot say that for a fact, since they always keep telling us, they are just best friends forever. We can never know until John Dumelo gets married next year as he has disclosed, then we will be able to tell if they were really dating or not.

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Do you share similar sentiments on the subject of intimacy with Yvonne Nelson?


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