“Invest In Your Kids’ Education More Than Your Parent’s Burial”, Reno Omokri

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The Nigerian bestselling author, Reno Omokri has admonished people to invest more in educating their children rather that investing so much on their parents’ burial services.

One assert an individual has, is their children and it is important to prioritize their education that would give them a future of hope and enthusiasm where they’ll come back and take care of you when you become weak and unable to do anything.

A lot of people would rather save for a funeral than invest it on their children. Weird as it is, it is true, and Reno Omokri believes this should not be, as your children’s education should be more important to a parent than that lavish burial service for the dead.

The controversial former presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri said this as part of some suggestions he believes are the steps to a successful marriage.

According to him, the following are the steps to a successful marriage;

5 Steps To Succeed in Marriage;

•Live to impress God, not men

•Have a wedding that fits your budget

•Have children according to your wallet

•Buy only things you can afford

•Invest in your kids education more than your parent’s burial

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