‘Investigate Church Members Who Pay Big Tithes And Offerings’-GPCC General Secretary

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The General Secretary of Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) Reverend Emmanuel Teimah Barrigah has made a very significant statement which ought to be considered if we are serious as a country.

According to Reverend Emmanuel Teimah Barrigah who spoke to Zylofon FM, the church should start investigating congregants who give out huge offerings and tithes at churches.

He believes if Ghana as country wants to eradicate corruption and other illegal means of obtaining money, then it should start from the church and pastors must ensure to carry out this simple task.

“Most especially when you see the job the person does, does not tally with the tithe and offering the person gives,” he said.

“There is corruption in the system and no one can deny that fact we are in a country where you do not get services being offered to you without giving out money, which is very bad,” added.

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