Is Buhari Alive

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Is Buhari Alive? This is one of the hottest questions in the mind of many Africans. President Buhari of Nigerian is rumored to have died somewhere in 2017 and replaced with a look-alike. However, on countless attempts, Buhari has denied all these reports claiming to be the real person. Ride with me in this post as we unearth the truth behind this report; whether it’s the truth or mere propaganda.

Is Buhari Alive

Who Announced the death of Buhari?

The alleged death of Buhari first surfaced from social media with no official release from anywhere. According to some social media users, the President of Nigeria died and was replaced with someone who looks exactly like him. According to the report, the name of the person is Jubril (a Sudanese Prisoner). They also say Buhari died and has since been buried and the current person on the seat of presidency is different from the one they knew.

Did Queen Elizabeth II Send Condolences To Nigeria?

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Some social media posts also suggested that Queen Elizabeth II sent a condolence letter to Nigeria on the death of Buhari. In the said post, a picture was posted depicting the Queen. However, checks from the office of the Queen show nothing of such has been done.

Did Buhari Die In London?

According to alleged reports, President Buhari died in London after going for a health check-up. During those times, there was a lot of speculation about the health of the 78 years man. Some believe that Buhari didn’t return again after the health check-up. In other not to break this sad news to Nigerians, Buhari was replaced with a clone who continued the work of his predecessor. However, checks prove that Buhari actually visited London twice; one in January and May.

Did Buhari’s wife, Aisha mourn the death of her husband?

Some also suggested that Buhari’s wife, Aisha cried out and said her husband was dead and questioned the current person. However, there is no record of Aisha or any of Buhari’s children crying or questioning the death of their “old soldier”.

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In 2018, Buhari denied claims of been cloned. “A lot of people hoped that I died during my ill health,” Buhari said. “I am still going strong.”

This proves beyond doubt that indeed the allegations about the death of Buhari is nothing but lies from the pit of hell and propaganda. Buhari is alive today and still the president of Nigeria.


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