Is Cat Sandion Pregnant?

Cat Sandion pregnancy rumours remains one of the trending topics in the media these few past days as many try to know if she is indeed pregnant as speculated or not.

Read on as we bring you more details about that information in this write up.

Who is Cat Sandion ?

Cat Sandion is a popular British television presenter who established a name for herself as one of the finest presenters available in the world.
She was was born and raised in south east London, and both my parents are from the lovely little island of Mauritius.

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Her real name is Catherine Sandion but grew up to adopt the short name Cat which was coined from her first name Catherine.

Growing up, it has always been a dream for Catherine Sandion to become a popular person or public figure. She developed a huge love for Television presenting and was working towards becoming one in future.
It all started to become a reality for her in the year 2008. At that time, She began presenting.

In that same year she also started her television career as a member of the cast of Hi-5, a program dubbed as the British version of the Australian children’s television programme also called Hi-5.

Cat Sandion then developed into a great star in the Television scene and then went on to gain a huge opportunity at CBeebies.

She actually began presenting CBeebies in January 2013.
Excited about joining her new team, Cat Sandion said:

“can’t wait to get out and meet the CBeebies audience – they are the reason why I do what I do and just one child’s smile is enough to keep me going! I’ve been teaching dance and working with children for many years and I find it really rewarding to see them develop and learn, whilst having fun of course.

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I’m just so excited to be part of the CBeebies family. There are lots of little ones in my family, so I’ve sat and watched all the shows for hours, joining in and singing along – I’m over the moon to actually be part of such an amazing team!”.

Is Cat Sandion Pregnant ?

No as of 2023, Cat Sandion is not pregnant. When many watched her last show they believed they saw something that looks like the presenter has quite a rounded tummy under her dungaree dress and looks like she could be pregnant and that was how her pregnancy rumours began circulating in the media.

However, Cat Sandion is a mother, Back 2016, she was pregnant with her son. A year later, she announced the birth of her baby to her fans.

What is Cat Sandion Age , How Old Is She ?

Cat Sandion is 37 years old as of the year 2023. She was born on the 8th day of September 1985


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