Is displaying weapons publicly and on social media a crime? This is what the law says

A sizeable number of Ghanaians own guns that have been licensed by the Arms and Ammunition Commission in accordance with the strict laws.

Does brandishing of guns on social media or publicly flout the rules that govern the acquisition and use of guns in Ghana?

Do you want to acquire a licensed gun for your personal safety and protection? This is what you need to know about the gun acquisition and use in Ghana.

Adib Saani, a security analyst, revealed that only 40, 000 of Ghana’s 1.25 million gun owners renew their licenses each year.

According to him, the mode of gun acquisition and the renewal of gun licenses by their owners in the country has gone unchecked by law enforcement.

In an interview on Starr FM in the wake of arrest by the police over the brandishing of weapons on social media, Adib Saani had the following to say:

“The Arms and Ammunition Act 9. 1972 is quite specific about displaying your weapon including explosives in public, you can only do it with the approval of the IGP. So when you show a gun in public and you are not a law enforcement officer, who is authorized to show it, that is illegality.

“It is also because we want to protect people around you that is why it is illegal to brandish guns in public. Secondly, when people see you with a gun definitely it has the tendency of creating fear and panic. Someone might see you with a gun in public and think you are an arm-robber and engage you. That is why it is illegal to show weapons or guns in public.”

He did, however, say that with the advent of social media, which was unknown before the laws governing arms and ammunition were enacted, the Arms and Ammunition Commission should reconsider what exactly constitutes public display of arms.

Saani went on to say that the National Small Arms Commission revealed late last year at an event that while approximately 1.25 million people have registered guns in the country, only about 40,000 renew their licenses.



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