Is Edward Mahama, The Ambassador At Large Still At Post? Felix Ofosu Kwakye Quizzes

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One of President Akuffo Addo’s Appointments that was received with disdain and outright rejection from the populace was the appointment of Dr. Edward Mahama as an Ambassador at Large.

A Novelty in the  Ambassadorial Positions, he had the responsibility and privilege to travel across the globe and perform special duties as he deemed fit at the expense of the taxpayer.

As Nana Addo continues to name his appointee’s questions have been asked about the performance of the officeholder as well as the relevance of that position.

More importantly questions are being raised whether the President will scrap or maintain that position due to his resolve to reduce the size of his government.

For his critics, the position makes Dr Mahama an “errand boy”.

Felix Ofou Kwakye a Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress on facebook sought to find out where the Ambassador at large has been, in the midst of the brouhaha surrounding his office.

He quizzed: Is the Ambassador at Large at Post?

In the aftermath of his appointment, he was accused of distancing himself from the PNC so as to win trust and favours from the NPP government.

He was accused not only of going dead silent about the unprecedented corruption in this administration but also distanced himself from the party activities, by refusing to attend it functional executive meetings where issues of national importance were discussed.

Mr Hassan Ayarigaa party man told Journalist  “What I understand as Ambassador-at-Large is [that it] practically [means] an errand person, as an errand boy to the president. President sends you anytime he wants…you are not even up to an aide, an aide is even much higher,”

“If he thinks he is comfortable and he thinks that is how he wants to serve this country, well enough but as for Ayariga, that position is not for Ayariga and I will never ever accept that.”

Critics await with bated breath what will come of the Ambassador at large who is indeed at large!!

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