Is Hasan Piker Gay? Full biography, career, net worth & More

Is Hasan Piker Gay? Full biography, career, net worth & More

Hasan Piker is known as a political commentator and Twitch streamer who has gained prominence as a result of his opinions and feelings. His fame came up for hosting The Breakdown on The Young Turks network.

He has worked on TMZ’s TooFab and Buzzfeed as a contributor and currently works as a political streamer on Twitch. He’s also a YouTube star.

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Hasan Piker biography

Hasan Dogan Piker was born on July 25th, 1991 in Brunswick, New Jersey, United States of America as of 2022 he is 30 years old and now resides in Istanbul, Los Angeles, and New York City.

He holds American nationality and his ethnicity is Turkish. He’s a Muslim and his zodiac sign is Leo.

Following his birth in the United States, his family relocated to Istanbul, Turkey where he grew up alongside his brother known as Murat, he’s a Mechanical System Design Engineer at Boeing.

With regards to the political commentator’s educational background, he attended a public school in Istanbul, Turkey however his school experience wasn’t pleasant as he was bullied for not being physically fit.

Before being sent to a public school he was enrolled in a private school as he questioned a teacher which led to him being sent to a public school. At the age of 18, he relocated to the United States for high studies and enrolled in the University of Miami and later transferred to Rutgers University after two semesters where he completed his undergraduate degree.

Hasan Piker graduated in 2013 with a double major Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communication Studies.

Hasanabi Piker professional career

Hasan Piker began his career during his senior year of college and he got an internship at The Young Turks (TYT) in 2013 so after graduation he was hired by the network to work in the business and sales department and once in a while, he hosts TYT show in case the host is not available.

After some time he became the host and producer of the show and in 2016 he created and hosted The Breakdown on the TYT network which was also aired on Facebook

Following that he created a series called Agitprop with Hasan Piker on the network’s YouTube channel and he hosted it until January 2020 when he quit TYT to focus on Twitch

He has written as a contributor for TMZ, Buzzfeed, HuffPost, and others.

He started his Twitch streaming in March 2018 and at the time he was still working for TYT however he focused on his channel after quitting in January 2020, due to his commentary on political issues he became famous and has made an appearance on various media giants’ political shows.

Hasanabi Piker net worth

Hasan Piker is said to have an estimated net worth of $2 million however it’s not official. He lives a lavish lifestyle and has a property worth $2.74 million in West Hollywood, California.

Is Hasan Piker gay?

Many people have been questioning whether Hasanabi Piker is gay due to his activism for LGBTQ+ right but it’s unknown because he hardly speaks about his private life.

He is said to be dating Pokimane, a social media influencer from Morocco but neither of them has confirmed or dismissed the allegations.

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