Is it Morally Correct For Lil Win To Make Money From Late Bernard Nyarko’s Death By Just Crying On Youtube?

“Bishop Bernard Nyarko is dead and I’m going to cry, but before I do that, I need you to record me doing it so I can put it on Youtube, that way at least I can make some money from it”-– we guess that was the idea that popped into Lil Win’s head when he heard the news of the death of his colleague actor.

It’s been already confirmed that A-list Kumawood actor Bernard Nyarko is dead and while several Ghanaians are mourning him, Lil Win who is also an actor decided to mourn him differently by making some money out of it while doing so.

Lil Win has uploaded an 8-minute long video of him mourning the actor on his Youtube channel and it’s sparked a debate about whether it is “morally correct” to do something like that, considering the fact that, he actually “acted” the whole scene.

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I mean I’m not saying those tears are fake, but to get time to wear red cloth, get a camera in front of you, and then begin to cry and after that have that energy to upload it on your Youtube channel, and ‘MONETIZE” it seriously begs the genuineness of those tears.

A friend is dead for Christ sake, this is not the time to shed some crocodile tears (well that’s what he’s led me to think) and upload it on your Youtube Channel.

Well, the video has garnered some 70,000 plus views at the time of this post, and if he doesn’t gather the decency to take it down, the views will keep rising.

Some fans of his who were shocked by his actions wrote that in comments.


So it is morally correct? Share your thoughts in comments.



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