Is it wrong to DM a guy and ask him to be your boyfriend? – Curious lady seeks answers

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A lady has to put up a very interesting question about whether a lady expressing romantic interest in a man is worth it.

Olami is asking if whether in this dispensation, a lady could be emboldened to enter the dm of a guy she is interested in and just let out how she feels.

In the not too distant past, it was a big abomination for a woman to express interest in a man. Women are made to wait for their men or sometimes they are chosen by parents and presented to their suitors.

A lady can only stare at a man she admires and that is how far she can go.

But today, things have changed but has it changed to the point that a lady could enter into the dm of a guy and just put it across “I want you to be my boyfriend?”

Well, what do you think? Is it right?

Many will argue that a woman who expresses interest in a man, first and foremost, sets herself up for anything untoward. Either she will be treated as unimportant or the guy will take her for a ride.

But others will argue otherwise. Do you see anything wrong with a lady entering the dm of a guy and stating her feelings?

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