Is John Dumelo’s Wife Heavily Pregnant? This Video Suggests So–Watch

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Saaaaay Whaaaat!! John Dumelo’s wife Gifty Mawunyo looks heavily pregnant and a new video seen by on Instagram proves that. —Well there’s nothing wrong being pregnant, after all she’s married also but it only confirms one thing.

When it was announced that John Dumelo was getting married, it came as a shock to many people as no one knew the woman he was dating until the news of his marriage came. Then rumours started making rounds that, he was getting married to her because she was pregnant for him.

John Dumelo had ditched some girls he was dating to marry Gifty and although many people believe it was just because she was pregnant it actually goes beyond that as aside the love he feels for her, she’s well connected and looks like an intelligent woman who would be able to help John Dumelo realise his political ambitions.

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Well, Gifty Mawunyo is heavily pregnant and its very obvious from the video she posted on Instagram. Wearing a maternity dress and trying so hard to hide her baby bump? John will soon be a baby.

She seems to be enjoying her time in London with her husband John Dumelo. It’s likely she would be there till she gives birth to baby Dumelo.

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John Dumelo’s marriage was one of the biggest celebrity marriages we have witnessed in the country and it was beautiful and very simple.

Watch the video below:


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