Is Jules trans: Is Jules Vaughn in ‘Euphoria’ really trans

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In the gritty teen drama Euphoria, one of the most well-liked characters is the courageous and free-spirited Jules Vaughn. She attempts to negotiate her womanhood and issues with intimacy in the first season. In certain episodes, we even get a few blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments where we watch her injecting hormones or using gay dating apps. These inconspicuous clues led viewers to ponder, “Is Jules from Euphoria trans? ”

Does the series ever explicitly state that Jules in Euphoria is transgender? Let’s find out

Who Is Jules Vaughn

Is Jules trans
Is Jules trans: Is Jules Vaughn in ‘Euphoria’ really trans

The lead character in the HBO series Euphoria is named Jules Vaughn. As they begin their junior year, Jules quickly gets Rue Bennett’s attention because she is curious, daring, and carefree. Nate Jacobs, an aggressive jock, Rue, and “Tyler,” a false online identity Nate invented to trick Jules, are the main sources of Jules’ troubles in the first season.

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Jules is depicted as being delicate when it comes to relationships, and her desire to experiment with her sexuality led her to meet up with married older males she encountered online. Cal Jacobs, Nate’s father, who was one of them, was unaware that she was a minor.

Jules swiftly walked away from Nate when she saw a picture of his wife and small sons on his phone. When Nate learns of this, it prompts him to catfish Jules and the situation escalates to a serious one.

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Jules is demonstrated to be a big-hearted and caring character despite her difficulties in finding romantic relationships and the mistreatment she has experienced. She also demonstrates her talent for art through her distinctive sense of style and thorough sketches.

When Did Jules Transition?

When Jules was 13 years old, she began her transition. In the series, it is revealed that Jules’ mother abandoned her when she was experiencing dysphoria and even checked her into a mental institution when she was just 11 years old. Her connection with her father, who encouraged her transition from a young age, is strikingly different.

Jules is a trans woman who is at ease with her gender identification when we first meet her in the television series. Her problems and central plotlines highlight the difficulties she has with other adolescent characters. This was an intentional decision that actress Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules, endorsed.

When Does Rue Find Out Jules Is Trans?

The third Euphoria episode reveals to Rue that Jules is trans. In the crucial scene, Jules’ plans to meet with “Shyguy118,” an alias she met and fell in love with on a dating app, caused Rue and Jules to argue. Rue attempted to persuade Jules to meet this individual in a public place out of worry for her safety.

Jules responds that they couldn’t be intimate in front of others. Jules points out that “Shyguy118” is a jock with a conservative mother. She declares, “I’m trans.” Rue may not be surprised by this, but viewers undoubtedly were because her gender identity is expressly revealed in the discussion.

Is Jules Trans?

Early on, new viewers questioned, “Is Jules trans in Euphoria? While there were a few hints in the first two episodes, particularly with the casting of trans model Hunter Schafer in the role, the character’s gender identity was officially revealed in the third episode of the first season. Although Jules’ transition experience is not depicted in the series, her interpersonal growth and connections are an intriguing aspect of it.

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