Is Juliet Ibrahim Saying No One Will Eat From Her Honeypot From 2020?

It seems a lot is going to change in the life of actress Juliet Ibrahim in 2020 and beyond.

Just recently, she hinted that she’ll start working in Hollywood during an interview with

She said ” That is my plan for 2020! I think that Hollywood is feeling the pressure of paying attention to Nollywood and other African film industries which is very exciting as someone seeking to bring content to this country.

I am looking to act, produce, write and collaborate more with Black women in the industry such as Ava Duvernay, Debra Martin Chase, Michelle Sneed and others who have set the path on fire for Black women in film in Hollywood.”

Beyond that, the mother of one has said in a new post on social media that her sexual life will equally see some transformation.

According to her, no one is going to have their way with her for free, not even m*******ation.

Juliet wrote: “2020 is the year of not doing anything for free; not even m******on. ???? #AtoastTolife”




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