Is Kanye West Really $53 Million In Debt? Here’s What We Know

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If you are an active twitter user, you might have seen several tweets from Kanye West ranting and ranting all week. In one of his many Tweets, the American rapper disclosed that he was in debt for over $53 million and it really shocked  lots of people.

It would have been disastrous if Kanye West was really in debt  but it turns out that, it was all a publicity stunt Kanye West has been staging. HollywoodLife has exlcusively learned that, Kanye West is not in debt of the said amount and that had a reason for behind that shocker and other statements he’s made recently, though.

“Kanye is not $53 million in debt. He has several businesses and investments, from his clothing line to restaurants to music worth millions,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He is a master in marketing and is doing everything he can to generate interest in his album, Tidal and his clothing line. From claiming Bill Cosby is innocent, to dissing Taylor Swift, to suggesting that he’s running for president and making wild claims about being in debt, Kanye is doing exactly what he set out to do — create tremendous buzz and interesting in his business endeavors. He will make millions and millions more from all this attention.”

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Kanye West has released his album “The Life Of Pablo” and it makes sense that he wants people to talk about him and would say anything to get the media talking about him. It was very hard to believe that a whole Kanye was in debt considering the fact that, he’s had such a very successful career. Now that we know the reason behind him claiming to be broke, at least we can just relax.

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