Is Kennedy Agyapong above the law? – Archipalago asks

Is Kennedy Agyapong above the law? – Archipalago asks
Is Kennedy Agyapong above the law? – Archipalago asks

US-based Ghanaian musician Archipalgo is asking if maverick politician Kennedy Agyapong is beyond reproach and above the laws of Ghana.

This concern comes on the back of a video shared of the Assin Central MP where he was daring to burn former President Mahama and other NDC functionaries alive.

According to Kennedy Agyapong, these persons are behind the frequent fire outbreaks in the country and he will make sure he nips their evil plans and intentions in the bud.

Speaking on his television station NET2 TV, Kennedy Agyapong did not mince words when he said he is going to ensure that John Mahama, Aseidu Nketiah and other NDC bigwigs are burnt together with their properties.

This outburst by the known ballistic parliamentarian has raised eyebrows as many criticise him for being too harsh and using what many describe as unprintable words on the person of John Mahama and speaking foul on live television.

Amongst these concerned Ghanaians is Archipalago who has asked rhetorically if Kennedy Agyapong is above the law.

Some replies he got on his post are as follows:

@geeneaus wrote: It’s just like asking if the Pope is a Catholic. I don’t know how to answer you Boss. When he insulted the integrity of the judges I think the judges rather went to his house to apologize to him cos up till now we don’t know the outcome of his contempt case. Ahmed Suale is gone.

@KesseQeuku wrote: That man really acts that there is no law that rule or govern his world. Ghana has to stand on him to resist such conduct indeed!!!

@clintonlucky6 wrote: I think here in ghana, many people think there r above the law.

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