Is Lovely Peaches dead? What happened to her?

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Lovely Peaches, known in real life as Brittany Johnson attained popularity with a song she went viral for called “Burnin ‘N’ Itchin”. She is a content creator whose videos are uneasy to forget.

She is a 20 years old Louisiana native whose contents are very controversial as it moves from bodily fluids to child s£x trafficking, simply put she covers the strangest topics.

Lovely Peaches
Lovely Peaches

Is Lovely Peaches dead?

Her fame came up as a result of hotly contested Snapchat that has her eating period blood, feces, and other bodily secretion.

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The influencer saw how the modem generation was plagued by tedium and as a source of entertainment that most people would never want to venture into. Lovely Peaches hosts several Instagram and Snapchat live triggering visceral disgust which she managed to accumulate a huge social media following.

When she was expecting a baby, Lovely Peaches is said to have changed tact and as many thoughts, she would use secretion as the main source of her humor she rather moved to discuss even darker, deeper, and wild topics like abuse and s£x trafficking.

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Lovely Peaches death

Lovely Peaches has been a victim of death hoaxes due to how death scares played a massive role in her work.

On May 7th, 2020, her death hoax started spreading leaving many social media users concerned but it later came up that the rumors were untrue.

She deleted her TikTok profile but she kept the majority of her activities on Instagram and YouTube despite her being faced with getting her accounts shut down.

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