Is Luana Lucci Related To Susan Lucci

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Luana Lucci, a Brazilian flight attendant and model based in Los Angeles, has garnered attention from fans due to her shared surname with another well-known personality, Susan Lucci. With over 25k followers on her self-titled Instagram page, Luana has caught the eye of many who are intrigued by the connection between her and the American actress, television host, author, and entrepreneur.

Despite not being related, their shared surname has led to confusion and speculation about any potential relationship between the two women. In this article, we will explore more about Luana Lucci and her professional and personal life, as well as clarify any confusion about her potential connection to Susan Lucci.

Is Luana Lucci Related To Susan Lucci?

To put it simply, there is no connection between Luana Lucci and Susan Lucci, despite their shared surname. While some may have been confused by the similarity in their names, there is no blood relation between the two.

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Susan Lucci is an American actress born in Scarsdale, New York, while Luana Lucci is a Brazilian flight attendant based in Los Angeles. Therefore, it is safe to say that any speculation about their relationship is unfounded and that the two Luccis are not related.

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Luana Lucci And Susan Lucci Family 

Luana Lucci, a Brazilian model and flight attendant, has not disclosed any information about her family life. Therefore, details about her parents or whether she has any siblings are not available. However, due to her shared surname with Susan Lucci, there was confusion about whether they were related or not. 

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Susan, on the other hand, was born to Jeanette and Victor Lucci and grew up in Yonkers, New York, before moving to Elmont, New York, at the age of two. Susan’s father is of Italian descent, while her mother is Swedish, giving her a mixed ethnic background. Throughout her life, Susan has lived in various parts of the United States.


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