Is Marlene Benitez Dead Or Alive? Tiktoker Death Claim Explored Amid Online Veteran’s Day Petition Drama 

On the video-sharing website, rumors that TikToker Marlene Benitez has passed away have gained traction quickly. This happens after her account was removed for what appeared to be a criticism of Veterans Day. It’s important to clarify that, despite widespread rumors on social media, she has not actually passed away.

Who is Marlene Benitez ?

The rapid dissemination of rumors suggesting the demise of TikTok personality Marlene Benitez has taken the platform by storm. These speculations gained momentum following the deletion of her account, which occurred shortly after she made controversial remarks about Veterans Day. Contrary to the widespread belief spurred by these claims, it is essential to clarify that Marlene Benitez is very much alive.

Various reports indicate that the rumors of Marlene Benitez’s passing proliferated extensively, triggered by phrases like “Marlene Benitez dead” and “Marlene Benitez murio” automatically surfacing on TikTok. It was revealed that a TikTok user produced a video featuring footage resembling a car crash and an image of Benitez, accompanied by a voiceover suggesting her demise.

This video swiftly went viral, accumulating over six million views and nearly 100,000 likes. The comment section reportedly overflowed with messages paying tribute to the alleged departed influencer.

A TikTok video that allegedly revealed arrangements for a funeral in Washington further complicated matters and added to the false story of Marlene Benitez’s passing. It is important to underline that these claims are unfounded, even in spite of the fact that they have been widely disseminated and the strong feelings they have evoked.

A number of celebrities, including Marlene Benitez, have fallen victim to fake death hoaxes. Renowned celebrities, including Will Smith, DJ Khaled, and Justin Bieber, have also been subjected to false reports of their death.

What happened to Marlene Benitez?

Following the deletion of her account due to a contentious video posted on Veterans Day, TikToker Marlene Benitez has been accused of murder. Though there are many rumors about him, Benitez is still alive. Phrases like “Marlene Benitez Murio” and “dead” started to surface on TikTok, which sparked the rumors.

A TikTok user made a video with images of Benitez and footage of an automobile accident. Benitez asked followers to assist her in restoring her deleted Instagram account after confirming her existence there. She also declared that she was traveling and posted a boomerang video of herself.

The rumors about Benitez’s purported demise coincided with the uproar she caused by objecting to Veterans Day. ‘Delete Marlene Benitez social media accounts’ became popular as a response on It highlighted a video in which TikToker is said to have said things that inflamed resentment.

Following the widespread dissemination of her controversial views, a petition emerged on November 13, urging the removal of Marlene Benitez’s presence on various social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and X.

Notably, as signatures accumulated on the petition, her TikTok account was promptly deleted, seemingly due to numerous user reports. However, it’s noteworthy that her account had been reinstated on the platform at the time of composing this article.

Reports suggest that Benitez, recognizing the impact of her statements, took to social media to issue an apology amid the petition gaining momentum. Her apology, as reported by Info Bae, sought to address and rectify any offense caused by her earlier remarks.

The complexity of the situation is emphasized by the temporary suspension and subsequent reinstatement of her TikTok account, underscoring the dynamic and influential nature of public opinion on social media platforms.

Is Marlene Benitez dead or alive?

Marlene Benitez, a well-known figure on social media in Venezuela, confirmed her vitality on her official Instagram account, @marlener3131, dispelling the false reports that she had passed away. She persistently appealed to her followers to assist her in recovering her deleted TikTok account.

She also posted a self-made boomerang video to Instagram. Benitez also disclosed her travels on the social media platform, where she has over two million followers.


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