Is Mary Stauffer alive? Updates about daughter and arrest of Ming Shen Shiue

The life story of Mary Stauffer got the attention of many people after it was used for a movie dubbed “Abducted: Mary Stauffer Story”. Since the movie surfaced, many people have been wondering if she is still alive.

In this article, we’re going to learn more about the abduction of Mary Stauffer and her daughter.

Mary Stauffer
Mary Stauffer

Mary Stauffer abduction

Mary Stauffer was a teacher at Alexander Ramsey High School, Roseville Minnesota. She used to teach algebra in the ninth grade where one of her students, Ming Shen Shiue kidnapped and abused her.

The teacher and her daughter were kidnapped by his student in 1980. Her daughter who was also abducted together with her mother was then 8 years old identified as Elizabeth Stauffer also known as Beth

Before the abduction, Mary Stauffer had planned to visit the Philippines hence she went out with her daughter for a haircut before traveling.

With this, Mary Stauffer had already been stalked for years by his student hence had been waiting for her and her daughter outside the salon and kidnapped them at gunpoint

As he was abducting them, a young boy by the name Jason Wilkman witnessed the incident as Ming had forced Mary Stauffer and her daughter into the car trunk hence he kidnapped the young boy along with them.

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Where is Mary Stauffer’s daughter, Beth?

The daughter of Mary Stauffer was able to continue with her life and live a normal life and reports suggest that she has gotten married and now has a child of her own.

Is Mary Stauffer alive?

Mary Stauffer successfully escaped and is still alive. She is now in her mid-70s as she went back to her normal life and reunite with her husband, Irv Stauffer, and son, Steven Stauffer.

Mary made her way out of the situation together with her daughter on the 53rd day of the abduction and called the police after they hid behind Ming’s car till the police came to their rescue.

Was Ming Shen Shiue arrested?

The kidnapper, Ming Shen Shiue had been arrested at work the day Mary Stauffer had successfully escaped.

He was sentenced to 70 years in prison for abduction, rape, and murder however he was to be given a chance of parole after 30 years in prison but he was denied and is still behind bars

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