Is Sista Afia Broke? She Couldn’t Afford A Professional Make Up Artiste (Photos + Videos)

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It’s appalling when I come across some of our female celebrities who only care about the clothes they wear but forget to wear a better makeup. My point is, they should either get professional makeup artiste who will make them look good or go without makeup totally.

Some of these female celebrities just contact some cheap makeup artistes in one corner who only apply powder and some cheap products on their faces instead of getting the ones who have been trained to do a better job.

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Sista Afia released her latest video few days ago and we took time to watch the much-anticipated video. To our surprise, we found something very awful. The makeup was just not on point. Some scenes in the video seemed like the makeup artiste just applied the products anyhow on her face to the extent that you could see her pores.

Has she gone broke that she couldn’t afford a professional makeup artiste? Honestly, I wish Sista Afia would go back and watch those scenes again and then fire the person who made her up in the video.

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There are very promising young makeup artistes who are doing very well like @lawrebabe, @shades and brushes, @mercylumorartistry, @keziah_gh and @the_twins_store. These female celebrities should consider patronising the services of some of these above mentioned names for a better face beat.

It should also be noted that, that bad make-up in the video was intentional to portray the real life of Slay Queens but even that, real slay queens have the best

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Here are some screenshots from the scenes in the music video and you can also watch the full video below for yourself: