Is that not Delay? Netizens react to woman resembling Dlay getting married in a beautiful wedding- Watch

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Given that Delay is still a spinster, the internet slumped momentarily into a meltdown after a woman who bears striking resemblance to Delay having a wedding ceremony popped up.

According to unconfirmed rumors, the lady is a Ghanaian based in the US, precisely Connecticut. Her face and other gestures mimic the famed TV and radio personality for a moment, some netizens thought it was Delay.

In a video obtained from Van De Maestra, the Delay replica looked effervescent as she swags up with her bridesmaid while dancing to the song of the moment, Sugarcane.

Delay was in the news recently when she said she won’t spend next year’s Valentine’s Day alone as she is bound to get somebody’s son to be with.

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The famed TV host whose popularity hinges on the unorthodox way she boxes celebs that come to the Delay show with hot questions made this known while scrolling through and admiring Selley Galley’s romantic Valentine’s Day message to her husband, Cartel Big J.

According to Delay, she spent the entire Valentine’s Day alone in her room, listening to Cecilia Marfo’s songs, which shouldn’t have been the case.

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And for this reason, she has vowed to go all the way out to get a man next year and jump out of the singlehood club.

“In all the Valentine’s Day messages that popped up on social media, the one that caught my eye was Selley Galley’s message to her husband.

If I sit back and look at how I spent Val’s Day all by myself and alone in the room the entire day, it’s really pathetic. I spent the whole day in a room listening to Cecilia Marfo’s songs. I’ll look for a 26-year-old boy, a fresh blood, to spend the 2023 Valentine’s Day with,” she said.

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