Is this the person they appointed as youth ambassador? – Prince David Osei blasts Wendy Shay over her recent interview

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Wendy Shay

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has expressed his disappointment in Wendy Shay over her latest comments in a recent interview.

Rufftown records signee, Wendy Shay found herself in trouble again after her interview with Tv Africa went viral.

She has been trending on social media for saying in the interview that she had acquired a camera, iPad and iPhone through her profession as a musician.

According to Wendy Shay, through music, she can now boast of the luxurious material stuff she earlier mentioned and in her view, they are one of those things every young Ghanaian woman of her age dreams of acquiring.

“I’ve got so many stuff. Too many. Too many. Wow I mean I can actually buy the latest iPhone that’s in town right now. I mean I do have a lot of stuff, camera, iPad, every stuff that every girl at my age is gonna need I do have money to buy all of these things”.

The Uber Driver hitmaker who was asked about her net worth and the thing she has gotten since becoming a superstar suggested that she has to check it on the internet before she can give the raw figure.

According to David, Wendy Shay’s comments are shallow and not-thought-through of her to react in that manner.

Speaking to AK on Neat FM, the outspoken television personality opined that Wendy Shay is a celebrity who the youth look up to, so if she cites things like iPhone as her achievements in life, it’s a bad example for her fans.

Prince David Osei wondered if she was cut for the ambassadorial appointment for the National Youth Employment Authority.

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“Is this the person they appointed as youth ambassador?? Shallow,” he wrote in an earlier post made by him on Instagram.

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