Is Tom Selleck gay? All Facts about his sexuality

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Most celebrities have had to deal with people asking them about their sexual orientation and despite having two marriages Tom Selleck has been caught up in the web of speculations about being gay.

Tom is one of the most popular actors and film producers in Hollywood. Due to his handsomeness in the 80s, he had to deal with the question of whether he is gay or not although he hasn’t been linked to any male lover.

As of now, Tom Selleck is a family man who has been married for about 35 years to his wife, Jillie Mack and they are blessed with a daughter identified as Hannah.

How did Tom Selleck’s gay rumor start?

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Tom’s gay rumor started in 1970 at the time he hasn’t attained the spotlight and after featuring in Magnum P.I. the rumors surfaced.

Some years back, Globe, a tabloid published an article that the actor is gay and since then the rumors of Tom Selleck being gay kept on rising.

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The publication was untrue but they printed it without proof or facts also, Tom Selleck starred in a gay movie titled “In and Out” which was released in 1997. In the movie, Tom played the role of Peter Malloy who was a reporter and gay. He portrayed himself as gay might be one of the key reasons why the speculations started.

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What is Tom Selleck’s sexual orientation?

Tom Selleck, 76, has always been clear about his sexual orientation that he is straight hence was surprised by Globe’s article about his sexuality hence took legal action against the publication.

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He filed a $20 million dollar lawsuit against Globe but they ended up settling the issue out of court with an unknown amount and reprinted an apology statement for damaging his reputation.

Tom Selleck has been married twice and has children.


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