Is Tyrus Married? To Whom? Find Out In This Piece

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For many people that know the Massachusetts-based entertainer, the question has always been whether he is married or not, so is Tyrus married?

The simple answer to this would be: No! But just why is Tyrus not married?

Is it a personal decision not to marry, is he been put off by the fact that there aren’t any women for him…? The questions will go on and on and on, and so will people keep asking: Is Tyrus Married?

But who at all is Tyrus?

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Find that out and why he has stayed unmarried all this while in the ensuing paragraphs.

Tyrus Biography

Is Tyrus married?

Tyrus, born George Murdoch, on February 21, 1973, is an American entertainer based in Massachusetts, USA.

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He is of American nationality and of English ethnicity.


Tyrus had his basic education at Quartz Hill High School and then continue to Antelope Valley College and the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Tyrus WWE

Is Tyrus Married
Is Tyrus Married?

Tyrus WWE fame came when he turned out as WWE as Brodus Clay in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

From being a cable political comic commentator and an actor, WWE garnered him more fans when he turned to professional wrestling.

George Murdoch is an American professional wrestler, who is currently signed to the National Wrestling Alliance where he is the current NWA World Television Champion.

He is known for his tenure in WWE as Brodus Clay, and Impact Wrestling as Tyrus.


He stands at a height of 6 feet 7 inches and weighs 170 kg.

Net worth

Tyrus is known to have an estimated net worth of $2million, which is generated from his current works.

Is Tyrus married?

Is Tyrus married to any woman or is he currently dating anyone out there?

Well, Tyrus is not married, however, Tyrus WWE is not single.

He is known to be in a romantic affair with Ingrid Rinck.

Even though they are not yet married, the duo is blessed with a daughter in addition to Tyrus’s two other children from his previous relationship.

Ingrid Rinck rose to stardom after she was recognized as the wife of a celebrity.

Who is Tyrus wife

Who is Tyrus wife

Well, there isn’t anyone recognized as Tyrus wife. What Tyrus has now is a girlfriend since they have not tied the knot yet.

The person regarded as Tyrus wife is Ingrid Rink, who is a businesswoman.

It has been reported out there that Rink, Tyrus wife couldn’t continue her college education.

Her reason was attributed to the fact that she needed to stay put to be able to take care of her children.

She is a mother of three but has not yet disclosed any information on her family, lifestyle, and the details of her children.

Ingrid is currently enjoying her life with her partner Tyrus, even though the duo has not yet gotten married.

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