Is Victor Blackwell Married? Check His Bio For The Gist

Victor Blackwell

Very often, people expect to see celebrities with their spouses doing shopping or on a walk together but there are many who do not why do this. Over the years one question that has always been posed is; is Victor Blackwell married?

This is a man that has had a stellar career in broadcasting with CNN, but little has been known about whether he is married or not.

The questions of whether Victor Black is married have been incessant which prompted us to surf the internet in search of information to answer the question.

The question has always been; is Victor Blackwell married?

Well, we did not just get you information on whether he is married on not, we have a complete article on his life and career for you. This is to make you appreciate who he is and why people are concerned about his relationship.

So let’s look at the biography and career, as well as the net worth of Victor Blackwell, we will also touch on the news making rounds that he is gay. Read on for all of the gists we have for you.

Victor Blackwell biography

Victor Blackwell

Victor Blackwell was born on September 25, 1981, in Baltimore, Maryland.

He is an American television journalist who co-hosts CNN Newsroom with Alisyn Camerota.

Early life and education

Here we talk about his early life and the education he has acquired over the years.

For a man that works at CNN, it is expected that his educational qualification is quite enviable.

What is not known to us is how life was for Blackwell growing up. Whether or not he has any siblings is also not out there.

For his educational background, we can report to you that Victor Blackwell graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C., with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism.

He worked at Howard University’s public television station, WHUT-TV, throughout his student years.

With this background, it is also just okay for him to have a wife that urges him on to bigger things, but is Victor Blackwell married?

The question on his marital status would be answered soon.

For now, we are just looking at his life trajectory and how he has become this popular for people to be desirous of knowing who his wife is.


After graduating, Blackwell didn’t waste any time at all. He got straight into the business of broadcasting, first with WHAG-TG.

He also worked at WTLV/WJXX in Jacksonville, Florida, as a reporter and weekend anchor.

At WPBF in West Palm Beach, Florida, Blackwell was the first black primary anchor. Blackwell joined CNN as a correspondent in 2012 and is located in the southeast bureau.

In 2013, Blackwell’s exclusive reporting on Georgia adolescent Kendrick Johnson’s strange death prompted investigations by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office and the US Attorney for Georgia’s Middle District.

Blackwell was appointed to co-host New Day Saturday and Sunday with Christi Paul in January 2014.

He began co-hosting a two-hour afternoon block of CNN Newsroom with Alisyn Camerota on April 19, 2021.

Victor Blackwell net worth

The CNN anchor has made quite a lot of money over the years.

So how much is he worth?

Victor is said to have $1 million in total assets, according to some wiki sources.

With his long career at CNN and other media outlets that he had dabbled in before then, he amassed a sizable fortune.

He received a large sum of money from the media, which increased his total holdings.

So, with this net worth, is Victor Blackwell married?

Is Victor Blackwell Married?

So, back to the question, is Victor Blackwell married?

Well, the CNN anchor doesn’t appear to be married to any woman.

Is Victor Blackwell Gay?

Victor Blackwell GAY

Well, what could we say but just report based on what the person himself has come out to say?

On December 21, 2013, he came out as gay during a live debate with his co-star Pamela Earthy coloured and guest Jimmy Alexander.

So we could say that he is gay and that explains why he has no woman as his wife.

Ghbase has you covered on the question, is Victor Blackwell married? There you have it; he is not and we shall update when he does get married to one.

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