It has ended in tears for a married man who saw another man romancing his wife in public

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A married man has presently activated his anger mood after he saw another man enjoying the company of his wife in public.

As a matter of fact, he said this man was romancing his wife and that has left him completely shattered. He shared his predicament on an online platform saying;

“She was mum’s favourite girl in the neighbourhood, pretty and respectful. She will always kneel down while greeting her parents and elders outside even at 24 and already done with OND in one of the southwest polytechnic.

Mum and her mother worked together in the same company while growing before they both married though her mum is a bit younger. After a long time which they have separated, they discovered that their hubbies built house in the same area, three streets to each other.

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It all started when I was running a postgraduate program and was busy with research, thesis writing and a lot of practices for presentation and seminars indoor.

Sometimes it took me three weeks to see the sky outside as I was always inside the house and our tenants didn’t know someone is in when everyone left the house. I was just in my 30ls and my fiancee was no more serious as a result of what she always referred to as “academic stuborness” then.

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Each time I was in the room busy with my papers, mum would call on this girl that she’s going out and that she should helped in preparing the raw food she bought while coming from the office and after preparing the meal, she should serve me and herself, then she would go for long time before returning.

Lo and behold each time this babe served me my food, something always entered something that it became a custom that two rounds must happen, first immediately mum left and second after the succulent meal.

Finally she was pregnant and mumsy took every responsibility to the extent that she bought new dresses for her and her average beauty turned to full pretty. We did a little traditional wedding, few people from her family and mine were in attendance.

She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy under our roof in the heat of covid19 and the baby was like my half. Now I am done with the program and managing with a private polytechnic. I gathered money with the one mum gave her to start a provision business and she opened the business inside one big fish depot not too close to the house.

To cut the long story short, I travelled back home from where I was working unannounced last week and headed straight to her business place and what I saw really baffled me.

I was in her shop for complete more than 10 minutes watching her displaying love with a guy who I later learnt was a bus driver that fish sellers always hire to carry their wares from the depot to their various selling points.

She put her two hands around the guy and the guy placed one hand on top of her butts and the other at the back of her head. The old women were carousing and shouting, “ah, husband and wife, won’t you give her feeding money” they were like that was not their first time and they have been doing like that since long ago, it was truly as if they are dating and banging each other.

It took the noise of her son carried by one of the strangers (fish seller) for her to be released by this driver guy. She almost collapsed when she saw me inside her shop as she collected her baby from the stranger.

She did not come home straight that day as she first called mum if she was back. Though I haven’t inform anybody since that day because I am still boiling inside of me till now and she has been reading it on me. I just need to share it to relieve me a bit.”

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