VIDEO: It Is Difficult For Ewe Men To Erect-Counselor Lutterodt

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Counselor Lutterodt is one hilarious man. Some of the things he says makes you think, what’s really in his head but there are most times that he makes lots of sense.  He’s said that it is very difficult for Ewes to erect and that’s something that’s laughable. We don’t know which research he conducted to conclude at that statement.

Any time you ask for erected penis and you see the one coming as a Ewe, move aside. It is difficult for ewes to erect. People can who easily erect are GA men. Don’t joke with the Fantes, they have so many instructions to erect. The fastest sexual machine you can have are GA. They are smart sexually but they are not good in bed.

He made this statement on Njoy Ghana’s trip to Kwaku during the Easter period.

He also said that having sex does not give one HIV Aids but when there are bruises on the sexual organ.

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, “sexual intercourse that doesn’t bring HIV aids. If you have sex you can’t have HIV virus. The only thing that can give you Aids is bruised. Because the virus can’t stay in the semen. The jelly in the vagina can’t contain the virus, they also live in the blood.

Watch the Video here:

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