“It Is Sad And Toxic That Men Date Only Women They Find Attractive”-Lady Laments

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A woman that is not attractive is likely not to get the attention of any guy out there as all men lookout for women who are so attractive.

Such women normally attract men for different other reasons apart from their looks.

A lady, who can’t quite fathom why men date only ladies who are attractive, has taken to social media to lament why it is so.

One would find it difficult to understand her outburst because we only put up with people we are attracted to, and naturally, any man that wants to date a woman would most definitely look out for one that is attractive, unless they are looking for something else.

It can be likened to buying something at a supermarket.

We only buy things that we find attractive and useful to us. One can not buy things they don’t need.

According to the bitter lady known on Twitter by the handle @Jazbespittin, the situation is both sad and toxic.

“men only date women they find attractive and that’s sad and toxic af. smh,” she wrote.

No weird statement passes on Twitter without reactions from people.

One user wrote; “And woman only date men that have money and that’s sad and toxic af”.

“This is exactly why I don’t like men gosh men are very disgusting, everything in the world has to revolve around Men, annoying gender I can’t deal,” wrote, another user.

Another person wrote; “Fun facts: it’s not. Let’s be real, women really do hate men completely online just that they still can’t survive without them offline so all they do is brace up with inner hate consumption they can only explode online. We’re at WAR!”


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