It Is Wrong To Say Cooking For Your Husband Makes You A Slave–Joyce Aryee To Pepper Dem Gang

Joyce Aryee one of the accomplished women in Ghana’s political space has added her voice to the on-going social media debate by Pepper DEm Gang as to whether a woman should cook for her husband or not. Joyce Aryee holds the position that it is the woman’s duty to cook for her husband.

Over the past few days, the debate has been trending on Social media as the Pepper Dem Gang are of the view that, any woman who returns from work and cooks for her husband is a ‘slave’ as they believe women should be given equal rights as men, so if a man cannot cook because he’s tired after getting back from work, why should it have to be the woman?

Majority of Ghanaians including even woman have condemned their position as many Ghanaians feel, the woman’s place is the kitchen and not the man.

Joyce Aryee in adding her voice to the debate said it’s wrong to say that woman who cooks for her husband is a slave.


“I don’t think cooking for your husband can be seen as slavery, No I don’t think so…As a man, you can help your wife in the kitchen or just be around to chat with her.

“If your wife comes back from work and she is tired, and she must hurriedly prepare food and all that, at least the man must go into the kitchen and stand by her and help her out,” she said on Starr Fm.

What do you think? Should the man be doing the cooking? Share your thoughts on this in comments

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