“It shall never be well with side-chics who destroy the homes and marriages of other women” – Reno Omokri

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Popular Nigerian serial opinionist, Reno Omokri, has once again made a definite statement on the advent of side chics who snatch husbands and destroy the homes and marriages of other women.

According to him, these women who do such things will never see peace until they have a change of mind and shift from clinging to married men to securing their men too.

In a series of Twitter post, Reno Omokri first admonished husbands and fathers to stop giving unconditional love to their side chics while they treat their legally wedded wives as pieces of thrash. He charged these men to embrace their wives and show them all the love they deserve since that is what marriage is meant for.

This harmless statement by Reno Omokri did not go unattended to when a woman called Jayla Stiles replied and said it will be a disaster for Reno should his side chic see this comment.


Well, Reno Omokri, who believes he has always been true and loyal to his wife replied to this comment of Jayla by confidently stating that any woman he has slept with should come out and call his bluff.

He added that side-chics, who clearly Jayla Stlies may be one, should repent and desist from destroying the precious marriages and homes of other men since in so doing, they bring unexplained burdens on themselves.


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