Italian mens names that are very unique

Italy is one of Europe’s most respected nations with a lot of history and Italian mens names are those that will be of interest to you are looking for that unique European name for your baby boy.

Thinking about giving your boy an Italian men’s name? You don’t have to worry at all.

We have sampled a lot of unique Italian mens names for you that you can choose from to name your baby boy.

We have added to each name the meaning, and that makes it even easier for you to choose the Italian mens name that fits the conditions surrounding the birth of your child.

Whether you’re from a proud Italian-American family or not, an Italian name could be the perfect fit for your little guy.

Italian mens names can evoke romanticism, honor a famous painter/inventor from the Renaissance period, or remind you of your favorite movie character.

Read on to discover the top Italian baby boy names, including some of the best unique and modern options, and some cute and short versions.

Francesco. The Latin version of this name, Franciscus, means “Frenchman.”

In English, you would recognize the name as Francis or Frank for short.

The name became popular after the 13th century Italian Saint Francis of Assisi, considered the patron saint of Italy.

Mattia. The Italian form of the Greek name Matthias and the English name Matthew.

One of the most famous bearers of this name was 15th-century ruler King Matthias I of Hungary.

Federico. As the Italian form of Frederick, this name became synonymous with Italian

filmmaker Federico Fellini, who was renowned for his particular style of filmmaking.

His surrealist film 8-1/2 ranks as the 10th greatest film of all time by the British Film Institute.

Antonio. This is is one of the Italian mens names that are in the form of the Latin name Antonius or Anthony in English.

It’s been a very common name in Italy since the 14th century.

Gabriele is one of the Italian mens names that is so unique and has its origin from the Bible.

This is the Italian form of the name Gabriel, which means “God is my strong man.”

The Bible’s archangel Gabriel was the messenger of God, and in Islam, he was the angel who dictated the Quran to Muhammed.

Alessandro is another unique Italian mens names.

This is the Italian form of the name Alexander, a name that’s Greek in origin and means “defending men.”

One of the most famous bearers of this name was Alexander the Great.

One nickname for Alessandro is Sandro, which could be a cute, and short option for your baby boy.

Lorenzo. This is the Italian form of Lawrence, it is one of the Italian mens names that is derived from the Latin name Laurentius.

One of the most famous bearers of this name was Lorenzo de Medici, the Florentine ruler and patron of artists Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and others.

Tommaso. Thomas in Italian, the name means “twin” in Aramaic.

The name has been consistently popular since the 12th century, as it’s the name of two very important saints, Thomas Becket and Thomas Aquinas. If you want unique Italian mens names for your boy, this is one to target.

The latter was an Italian philosopher born Tommaso d’Aquino.

Giuseppe. This is also one of the Italian mens names with the English form being Joseph, which means “he will add” in Hebrew, is a rather well-known Italian name because of Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, known for helping unite Italy.

Niccolò. This is the Italian form of Nicholas, which means “victory of the people” in Greek. The most famous bearer was Florentine philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli.

Giovanni. This is the Italian form of John.

Many Renaissance artists had this name, so if you’d like your son to be among that company, consider this name.

Mauro. The Latin form of this name is Maurus and means “Moorish.”

Although that meaning isn’t necessarily all that interesting, the Italian pronunciation for this name makes it unique.

More Italian mens names for your boy:

  • Renato
  • Romeo
  • Massimo
  • Rolando
  • Aldo
  • Bruno
  • Dante
  • Dino
  • Elio
  • Enzo
  • Franco
  • Gianni
  • Gino
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Nico
  • Nino

You are indeed spoilt for choice if you desire that Italian mens names for you baby boy as you can choose from so many of these names in here.