It’s a curse to cheat on your husband – Prophetess tells wives

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Gladys Appiah, a prophetess who has been married for over twenty years, has called for an end to infidelity in marriage.

She pointed out that it is a curse that would have a negative impact on the union.

In an interview with Doreen Avio on Prime Morning, she gave an account of how she had personally supported her spouse through adversity.

“Since I got married, I’ve never cheated on my husband. I don’t see why I should cheat on him because I see it as a curse and bad luck for my husband and the marriage as well. It will even make my husband not to be successful,” she said.

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Though her husband accused her of having an affair with a friend early in their marriage, she never left him or sought a divorce, instead choosing to put her faith in God and the power of prayer.

She went on to explain that, unlike to the wives who cheat on their spouses out of retaliation, she never despised hers, even throughout the times when he cheated on her.

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“Anytime I see him, I feel happy because I’ve seen that my husband has changed. If you truly love someone, you’ll do anything to maintain that love in your marriage. So when you understand love and fear God, it doesn’t matter what the man will do to you,” she explained.

Explaining to Doreen Avio, she revealed how church fellowship helped in the maintenance of her marriage.

“When I used to attend marriage counselling at church, I was taught that I should learn how to maintain my spouse no matter what. It has really helped me and that’s why my marriage is still strong after all these periods.

“Marriage is a blessing and helps in procreation, but in recent times there has been an increase in divorce cases. Between husbands and wives, who are supposed to work harder to maintain the marriage?”

Explaining on the show, Prophetess Gladys Appiah stated that a successful marriage is dependent on women and they are the ones to work and maintain their spouses.

“If the marriage would succeed, it depends on us women because love conquers everything. If we want our marriage to work, we must be focused on our spouses. It doesn’t matter what the man would do to you,” she said.

She admonished all women to be patient, respectful and submissive to their husbands as it is stated in the Bible in Ephesians 5:21 as well as stop drawing conclusions when things go wrong with their husbands.

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