“It’s A Misconception That People From Privileged Backgrounds Get Things Handed To Them Easily”-Kiddwaya

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Nigerian Billionaire’s son Kiddwaya has described as a misconception when people think that everyone with a rich family or background gets everything so easily without they having to do any hard work.

Kiddwaya added, in an interview with BBC Pidgin, that he feels like in Nigeria, a child from a wealthy family doesn’t have an opinion and, thus, cannot think for themselves.

To him, people do not allow such people from privileged backgrounds to do anything for themselves.

Kiddwaya opened up on the challenges that he is facing as a son of a billionaire and the backlash he received in a tweet he made some time ago where he said:

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” The difference between you and I, is hard work, the rest is just excuses,” which he said people misinterpreted.

He said that the tweet was just to motivate people out there to work hard and nothing else.

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He then went on to add that it is not the case when people think that people who have been born into privileged families get everything handed to them easily.

Here’s what Kiddwaya said in the interview with BBC Pidgin, which he posted on his Instagram page:

“I feel like people completely misinterpreted what I meant.

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I feel like, in this country, a son or a daughter from a wealthy background cannot have an opinion, cannot talk, cannot eat, cannot sleep, cannot think.

They are not allowed to do anything.

What I was simply trying to say is hard work gets you far.

It is simply for motivational purpose.

What I face on a regular is that people don’t believe I work hard because they feel like ‘oh, it’s your dad’s connection, your dad gave it to you’.

They have this misconception that everyone from a privileged background gets things handed to them easily.

And to be fair, that’s not the case.”

Watch the video below;


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