“It’s abnormal to give birth through surrogacy without knowing the father” – Ossai Succes

The Special Assistant to Delta State Governor, Ossai Ovie Success has disclosed that having surrogacy without knowing the father is abnormal

Mr. Ossai Ovie Success shared a post on his social media page indicating that, there are lots of things going on in our society which we celebrate publicly but condemn privately

He made this statement based on a woman who undergoes surrogacy and failed to remember the father of the child and people are congratulating her

He wrote: ”Surrogacy without a known father is Abnormal

A lot of things are going wrong in our society and we are celebrating it in public but condemning it in private.

I heard she gave birth through a surrogate without a known father and people are congratulating her and making it look like she did the best thing.

No matter how wealthy you are as a mother, your child needs a father and should be aware of where his father came from.

I am not against Surrogacy but I am against surrogacy without a known father.

We must also be careful when we are into surrogacy.

Making it known to the general public will end up damaging the child’s reputation.

So I see no reason why we should let the public know of such a thing.

My name is Ossai Ovie Success”

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