“It’s An Achievement To Be Alive These Days”-South Arican Sports Presenter Mpho Letsholonyane

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It is a privilege to be alive! This has always been said; with the outbreak of the coronavirus and other killer diseases, one could lose their life at any time, and that is what makes the South African sports presenter, Mpho Letsholonyane say that is is an achievement to be alive.

Given how people die in their numbers these days from the coronavirus, one should indeed count it as an achievement when they are alive.

According to Mpho Letsholonyane, one should count it as a gift and be grateful when they have life.

“Being alive is an achievement lately. Don’t take it for granted. Be grateful for each and every breath… It’s a gift!!” she wrote on Twitter.

Many people did agree with her on her statement.

One person wrote; “I think it’s more of a blessing than it is an achievement because it is our own doing. He who put breath in our lungs is the one keeping is alive. We are really really blessed to see another day.”

“Very true, just seen a video of a colleague trying to warn everyone of how dear life is. He is on a ventilator,” wrote another.

“These days I get so anxious when I have to sleep coz I fear not waking up getting to see another day is truly a blessing,” another person added.


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