It’s better to chop a pr.0stitute than a married woman – Prophet Kumchacha to young guys

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Prophet Kumchacha on guys chasing married women

Not long ago, a gentleman called Little, a gym instructor was killed in a cold blood and from multiple sources, the young man was banging a married woman.

And it’s at the back of the untimely demise of the young man that the leader and founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Kumchacha has added his voice to the buzz.

According to the acclaimed man of God, young men should not engage in any amorous relationship with a woman who is married adding that it’s far better to sleep with a pr0stitute than to sleep with a married woman.

“It’s better to sleep with a prostitute than to sleep with a married woman. You see the Gym Instructor was shot on Friday for sleeping with someone’s wife. You can be a sex addict but don’t ever sleep with a married woman.

“The Bible speaks against sleeping with someone’s wife in Isaiah 4:1. So you want to tell me that upon all the numerous ladies in Ghana you couldn’t find any to date than a married woman. That’s why am saying that it is better to sleep with a prostitute than sleep with someone’s wife.”

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