It’s cheating to take gifts from another man if you’re in a relationship – Lady reveals

A young lady has taken to the digital space to condemn the popular act of ladies taking gifts from admirers despite being in a relationship with another man.

Ladies are known for chasing or wishing for materialistic stuff so when you offer to give them they won’t hesitate to take but would never want to have something to do with you.

Well, a tweep identified as @yay_tunes has taken to the popular micro blogging site to condemn colleagues who take gifts from men they’re not dating.

She indicated that it’s wrong for a lady to collect a gift from another man knowing well that she’s in a relationship with someone else.

According to her, it’s cheating for a lady to take gifts from a man who’s knowing she’s having a man in her life.

In her words, “Collecting gifts from a man you know likes you whilst being in a relationship is cheating”


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