It’s disrespectful for TikTok influencers to say that if you don’t give your songs to them it won’t blow – Epixode

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Ghanaian dancehall artiste Theophilus Nii Arday Otoo, also known as Epixode has claimed that it is disrespectful of TikTok influencers to assert that your songs won’t go viral if you don’t allow them access to TikTok.

He said on Kastle FM in Cape Coast, “It’s quite disrespectful for TikTok influencers to ever assume that if you don’t provide your music to them it won’t blow for me it’s extremely disrespectful.

“There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a song, but TikTok is now one of the most effective advertising tools when used properly,” he concluded.

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Popular Ghanaian Highlife musician King Promise has mocked individuals who think TikTok, a social media site, is useless and ineffectual for promoting music.

But the claim that you won’t blow if you don’t provide your songs to TikTokers is disrespectful, said Epixode, because the song wasn’t handed to you before someone had the idea to record it.

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“Even before you dance to the tunes, a choreographer has already come up with the dancing routines, so the TikToker is merely repeating what the choreographer has already done,” he explained.

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