‘It’s not true my wife took everything, and I’m not broke’- Emmanuel Eboue finally breaks silence

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Former English Premier League (EPL) star, Emmanuel Eboue has reacted to a popular belief that he’s completely broke after his acrimonious divorce with his white wife that stripped him of his assets in England about four years ago.

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The Ivorian was reportedly rendered homeless and struggled to find daily bread having lost every bit of his wealth to his ex-wife Aurelie Bertrand. It was also widely circulated that he had nowhere to sleep and depended solely on his friends for shelter.

Eboue has dismissed those report in a fresh interview with Ghana’s Kofi Mensah on Empire FM. “When [people] say Emmanuel Eboue lost everything, it’s not nice…

“Because I had a divorce [case] and they [court] said my wife won, they gave her all my properties – my two houses, money and the cars that I had in England.

“I wasn’t worried about it because I expected that she was going to use it to take care of my children.

Eboue admits he had to overcome depression from the divorce ruling.

“When they [court] said that, I was very disappointed… To be honest, for the first time, I was very down but after that, I prayed and forgot about all of that.”

He continued: “So after that, I left and returned back to Africa. I have my own properties in Africa and so I live with that.

“When I hear people say Emmanuel Eboue lost everything, I laugh. I have properties in Ghana, I have properties in my home country (Ivory Coast).”

“I live very comfortably and I thank God. So when people keep talking and say Emmanuel Eboue doesn’t have anything, he can’t eat, doesn’t have a place to stay, it’s not true,” he reiterated.

The 37-year-old has gone on to remarry his childhood sweetheart Stephanie Boedé after he returned to his home country Ivory Coast.

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