It’s not worth it – American actor Jamie Foxx explains why he plans never to get married

Jamie Foxx, one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, has revealed why he plans to never marry.

The 53-year-old American actor and father-of-two made the revelation during an appearance on E! News Daily Pop.

‘I didn’t think the 2.5 children, the wood panelling on the station wagon, and the cottage were for me,’ he admitted on Monday.

Jamie, who has two daughters, Corrine Foxx, 27, and Annalise Bishop, 12, recalled seeing his daughters’ friends suffer while their parents struggled in their marriage.

‘A lot of those marriages failed as the children grew older.’ ‘Unfortunately, we saw the children become estranged from their families,’ Jamie explained.

This, he claims, has brought his family closer together over the years.

‘We got closer together.’ So I’m not sure what that is; I just know it’s different, but it’s a lot of love.’

‘I don’t think we can have a conversation about the pressures of marriage.’ ‘All I do is keep moving,’ Jamie explained.

Even though the traditional family life is not for him, Jamie insists on keeping his family close.

‘It was by design for my entire family to live with me because I don’t want them to live away from my circumstance,’ he explained. ‘I want them to see and share what I’m going through.’ There is a lot of hard work, a lot of disappointment, but there is also a lot to celebrate.’

Jamie has a daughter, Corinne, with Connie Kline, and a daughter, Annalise Bishop, with his ex-wife, Kristin Grannis.

The Ray actor, whose memoir Act Like You Got Some Sense comes out on Tuesday, was famously linked to actress Katie Holmes after her marriage to Tom Cruise ended.

Jamie and Holmes dated secretively starting in 2013. The ex- couple finally took their relationship public in the summer of 2019, only to break up shortly later,


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