It’s Not Worth It Talking About What Happened To My Bortos- Sandra Ankobiah (Video)

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It’s no doubt that Sandra Ankobiah’s looks has changed over the years, which is not surprising because we all change as we grow, but one part of her body that has changed soo much, looking at some of her photos from 2015 is her bortos.

I mean, Sandra Ankobiah was never one of those girls, with a big backside. She looked ‘ok’ with her cute flat arse, but now that is not the case as all current photos of her, show the drastic change in that department, with many alleging that, she might have gone for butt surgery to pump things up a little.

A picture of Sandra Ankobiah in 2015

Only few women are brave enough to admit that, they’ve undergone some sort of surgery to change how they look but Sandra Ankobiah is certainly not one of such women who would admit to anything.

In a recent interview with Joy New’s MzGee, she asked her if rumours that, she’s done something to her bum.

The hot and all borrty Ankobiah

Sandra Ankobiah who was obviously not comfortable with that question chose not to answer saying that it was not worth talking about and that people can say things.

Watch that interview below:

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