“It’s Okay To Feel Disappointed Sometimes, You Can’t Be Strong All The Time”-Toke Makinwa Goes Philosophical

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Nigerian media personality and author, Toke Makinwa has decided to delve into philosophy in an attempt to lift the spirits of young people who seem to be giving up in the midst of all the challenges that beret them on daily basis.

She opined that it is okay to feel some sort of disappointment, betrayal or a loss of someone dear to you. To her, it is all part of the growth process and so it doesn’t show that the individual is weak; it just shows that you are human and trying your best to make things work.

She wrote;

“Part of your growth – you growing, is your ability to “feel” too, you don’t have to be strong all the time, it’s ok to feel that disappointment, loss, betrayal, let yourself go and feel the process. It doesn’t make you weak, you are HUMAN.”

In a separate tweet, the YouTuber added that all that stay strong and trust in the Lord without losing hope also have days where they feel real pain.

Toke Makinwa said that there are days where one would lose so much faith that praying even becomes the last thing on their mind, but she believes that in all of these moments, one needs not to give up as it is all part of the life journey that we are embarking on.

She added;

 “All that stay strong, trust God, don’t lose faith talk is not without days of real pain, days when praying is the last thing you feel like doing, days when your faith is totally gone, it is part of it, life is a journey. Feel your emotions in peace.”

See her tweets below;

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