Slay queening is over: Lady painfully removes tattoo on her thighs after she was reportedly denied entry into the security services

The joy of removing a tattoo on her thighs could only be the reason why a supposed slay queen endured all the pain through the process.

As she yelped and yelled, she reminded unmoved as the customized tattoo was been embedded indelibly on her tighs.

The pain, the anguish and the discomfort could be felt and sensed from her groans but she sat through the process.


The video has since gone viral on social media where many are questioning why she would need to endure all that pain just to remove a tattoo on her thigh.

Reportedly, she was trying to remove the tattoo in order to stand a chance of making it into the security services after she was denied.

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“I was told I have K legs” – Lady sadly recounts how she was disqualified at Immigration Service screening

A lady has sadly recounted how she was denied the opportunity to make it to the next round of the screening process in order to get into the Ghana Immigration Service.

According to her, she was told by the Immigration Service personnel that her awkward legs could not allow her to be passed…she was disqualified on the spot.

Recounting her horror especially when tonnes of Ghanain youths seeking to get into the Immigration Service were disqualified at the first round based on their physical features, the lady said she was surprised when she was told the shape of her legs could not allow her to be passed.

“Went for the Immigration Service body selection at Elwak Stadium. I got there at 4 am and the line was up to the lands commission traffic light. After they said I’m K legs so I don’t qualify,” she recounted.

Meanwhile, about 10,000 out of 16,000 people who went for the Ghana Immigration Service screening in Kumasi were disqualified., And those who made it would need to pass an aptitude for a paltry 2,000 individuals to be selected for training and eventual passing.

Many unemployed Ghanaian youths had hopes of making it into the Immigration Service with the objective of securing jobs. However, the rigid selection process has resulted in the disqualification of many.



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