“It’s Prudent Not To Talk About People Publicly When They Are Out Of Your Life ‘- Uche Jombo

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Nigerian actress, Uche Jombo is of the view that people who leave our lives are better off not discussed publicly regardless of how much they hurt us.

A lot of us most often, out of bitterness for the hurt, go about saying so many things about what people who have left our lives have done to us, but for Uche Jombo, it is just not prudent to do this as it will lead to so many things that one wouldn’t wish for.

Saying what you have to say without mentioning any names is what she proposes as she discourages speaking publicly about people who are no longer in our lives and are pursuing other interests away from us.

Uche Jombo said this as she reacted to the death this week of the Bayern Munchen defender, Jerome Boateng’s ex-girlfriend who passed away sadly at just 25.

The young lady’s death happened barely a week after her relationship with the defender ended.

Uche Jombo feels that the death of the young beauty is so sad as she is just 25.

“I think once people are out of your life, no matter what, where or how hurt you are…you shouldn’t speak publicly about them(speak your truth without naming names) This Jerome Boateng ex story is really sad. Just 25,” she said.

It is not too clear what led to the sad death of the young lady but it is being speculated that she might have, out of the extreme hurt from the break-up, done something to herself.

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